Libraries Announce Upgrade to Kaltura REACHv2 Captioning

July 13, 2020

As of July 15, Baylor has been migrated to Kaltura REACHv2, which is the latest offering in Kaltura’s REACH integration that provides captioning services. REACHv2 captioning is serviced by Verbit and comes with exciting new features in addition to the standards Kaltura users have come to expect.

Users will have their videos automatically captioned by a machine, and these captions are editable by the Owner or any Co-Editor of a given video. Users have the ability to request higher accuracy human captioning, but these requests must be moderated by an administrator.

Among the exciting new features, users will notice the new Transcript Widget, which appears below the Kaltura player in both Canvas and Mediaspace. This widget will show the entire text of the video’s captions, with the portion currently being displayed highlighted. This transcript is fully searchable, downloadable, and users can even click ahead in the widget and jump to a particular point in the video.

Additionally, caption editing has never been easier. Users can now edit captions both in Canvas and Mediaspace, using a more friendly and accessible interface than before.

Captions will by default be in English, but users can order Machine Captioning in Arabic, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish free of charge.