New Plugin Available to Enhance PowerPoint with Advanced Graphs, Charts

October 8, 2020

The University Libraries have secured a campus-wide license for think-cell, a plugin for PowerPoint that allows users to create effective, impactful charts in more than 40 different styles.

“think-cell is a data visualization tool that helps presentation creators save time and produces highly professional results,” said Chris Zakrzewski, director of Learning Design. “For students, it’s a great asset because many Fortune 500 companies use think-cell, so learning to use it while at Baylor is a transferrable skill to use in the job market.

“For more advanced users already familiar with its capabilities, having free access to think-cell means immediate use without the need for a trial period, plus the added benefit of cost savings,” Zakrzewski added.

The plugin is free for Baylor faculty, staff, and students to use and can be downloaded at To activate the license code, users must login with their BearID and password.