Subscription Renewal Retains Wall Street Journal for the Baylor Community

August 6, 2020

The Libraries are pleased to announce that all Baylor students, faculty and staff will continue to enjoy access to The Wall Street Journal as a result of a recent subscription purchased by the university. Members of the Baylor community can utilize this online subscription from The Wall Street Journal website and the WSJ app.

The Wall Street Journal subscription adds to the quality journalism also available through Baylor’s campus subscription to The New York Times. The New York Times subscription, like the subscription to The Wall Street Journal, extends year-round and is available on and off-campus.

In addition to access to The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, Baylor students, faculty and staff also may benefit from the institutional subscription to The Chronicle of Higher Education, the leading news source for higher education. All three subscriptions are available on the go from each news organization’s app or website.

These subscriptions provide an invaluable set of research resources for current and historical events.

For information regarding how to access Baylor’s Wall Street Journal, New York Times, or Chronicle of Higher Education subscriptions, please visit

For questions regarding the activation process for any of these three subscriptions, please email