LATS Team Announces New Upgrades to Classrooms, Provides Training Videos for Return to Classroom

January 8, 2021
LATS classroom updates story 2021-01-08

During the Christmas break, members of the Learning Spaces group of Library and Academic Technology Services (LATS) team began a series of upgrades to classrooms located across the Baylor campus. These new features and upgrades are seen as improvements to the recording process essential for capturing in-classroom lectures and presentations for later use in online environments like Canvas.

In a change impacting the largest number of instructors on campus, the Learning Spaces team made adjustments to the automatic class recordings already available in many classrooms. Now, the automatic recordings will begin one minute before each scheduled class and end one minute after, allowing for hassle-free recording of the entire in-class experience.

In addition, Type 1 rooms with touch panels now give instructors the option to stop their recording early if they so desire. Furthermore, the panel now indicates the recording status of their class; this information is also being displayed on a Capture Preview option that already existed in the rooms in Fall 2020.

CTS Recommended Use Banner Image
CTS Capture Control Diagram, with arrows and camera presets listed
Several classrooms on campus also received ceiling-mounted microphones that capture classroom discussion. If the room doesn’t have reinforced speech, instructors aren’t required to put on a lapel mic to capture their audio, as the ceiling mic also captures high quality audio from the instructor. This change means instructors don’t have to worry about the microphone being off, muted, or low on batteries, and of course they don’t have to spend any time putting on and taking off the lapel mic.

Classrooms that feature the new microphone setups are:

• Sid Richardson 326
• Hankamer Academic Center H026
• Alexander 115
• Marrs McLean Science 302, 303, 304
• BSB C231
• Marrs McLean Gym 230 and 312

Upcoming Training Opportunities
If you would like to know more about the technology available in the classroom(s) you will be utilizing this semester, the Learning Spaces team recorded two virtual training opportunities based on classroom type (1, 2, 3 or 4) on Wednesday, January 13. Those videos are available to view at the links below.

Type 1 classrooms

Type 2, 3, 4 classrooms