Baylor Libraries Announce Read and Publish Agreement with Cambridge University Press

September 19, 2021
Cambridge University Press logo 2021-05-24

Baylor Libraries now have a Read and Publish agreement with Cambridge University Press. Read and Publish agreements promote the dissemination of institutional research through open access without the payment of Author Publishing Charges since the APC is covered through the library’s continued subscription to the applicable journals. Cambridge Press is the first publisher with whom the Baylor Libraries have such an agreement.

This means that Baylor researchers can submit their research manuscripts for peer review and publication in any of these Cambridge University Press Journals. Once accepted for publication, Baylor authors can elect to publish the articles as open access.

For more information about Open Access Publishing through Baylor Libraries’ agreements go to As the Baylor Libraries establish more Open Access agreements with other publishers, the details of the agreements will be added to this guide. If you have any specific questions, please email