Waco History App, Website Celebrate Milestone 200th Post

December 7, 2022
Waco history logo 2022-12-07

Seven years after its March 2015 launch, the Waco History app and website have reached a major milestone with the addition of a 200th entry. Documenting the stories of Waco’s past, the platforms support dynamic, complex stories, including moments of oppression and resistance, celebration and lament. For its 200th article, Waco History focuses on one of those complex moments: Urban Renewal in Waco.

In the twentieth century, urban renewal programs swept across the United States. Funded by the federal government, cities throughout the country sought to improve local architecture and expand residential areas by purchasing and decimating pre-existing neighborhoods, a process often referred to as “slum clearance.” The City of Waco conducted the largest urban renewal program in the state of Texas. The Waco History story provides important details on the controversial program.

Since 2015, the Waco History digital platform has produced innovative and insightful content about the history of Waco and McLennan County. From familiar stories, like those about Magnolia Market at the Silos and The Branch Davidians, to those that are less familiar, such as those about the Jockey Club Barbershop and Monnig’s Department Store, this platform brings local histories to life.

About Waco History
Together, the Baylor University Institute for Oral History (BUIOH) and The Texas Collection established the Waco History app and website (www.wacohistory.org). The BUIOH produces content for the website and coordinates public partnerships with the project. Their collection of over 7,000 oral histories enriches Waco History’s audio and video content. The Texas Collection shares its resources on local history, heritage, and culture. Waco History features many of the historic images in their collection. Twitter: @WacoHistory Facebook: @WacoHistory Instagram: @WacoHistoryApp