Baylor Libraries Weather Winter Storms, Provide Safe Haven for Students

February 2, 2023
Moody Winter Weather

Due to the efforts of a group of dedicated students, staff, and faculty, Moody and Jones Libraries and Starbucks remained open while the university transitioned to remote instruction and telework. Reports indicate that more than 250 students each day braved the icy conditions and came to Moody Library to find warmth, fresh coffee, and spaces for individual or group study.

While some Library services were not available due to staffing, the following people kept the doors open so that students (and others) would find a warm respite in the midst of the cold.

Libraries Staff, Faculty & Administration

Jeffry Archer
Ezra Choe
Carly Faulk
Byron Griffin
Meredith Lanningham
Jordan Popp
John Robinson
Ethel Walton
Karina Young

The Starbucks at Moody Library Team

Estrella Cruz
Nicholas Fernandez
Rachel John
Scott Johnson
Sierra Loyd
Justin Maddox
Miguel Moreno
Belinda Olivares
Zaira Perez
Ashley Rosario

Libraries Student Team

Avery Ballmann
Nathan Guel
Grace Heslep
Joy Kim
Kaylee Le
Lindsee McDonald
Skylla Mumana
Ryan Myers
Maggie O’Quinn
Lou Royal
Bryce Shelton
Lauren Woosley

All of the Baylor Libraries are be back in full operation as of Noon on Thursday, February 2, 2023.

Photo Credit: Jeffry Archer