Bruce Evans Selected as MLA President-Elect

January 18, 2024
Image of Bruce Evans

On January 5, the Music Library Association announced that Bruce Evans was chosen as President-Elect of its Board. Evans will begin on March 2 and will serve a four-year term on the Board, moving from President-Elect to President, and then to Past-President.

Founded in 1931, the Music Library Association (MLA) boasts an international membership of librarians, musicians, scholars, educators, and members of the book and music trades. The MLA supports, preserves, and enhances equitable access to the world's musical heritage. In 2011, the MLA officially merged with the U.S. branch of the International Association of Music Libraries, Archives, and Documentation Centres (IAML) to integrate music librarianship worldwide.

"I am absolutely elated and honored to be selected as President-Elect," said Evans. "As a young music librarian, I could never have imagined serving at this level of the profession. I look forward to helping to shepherd the MLA for the next few years and hope I make the organization proud."

Evans has been a contributing member of MLA since 1997 and previously served as member-at-large on the MLA Board as planning and reports officer and as chair of the Nominating Committee. He also served the MLA as chair of the MARC format subcommittee and on the statistics subcommittee.

He has presented at many MLA conferences and served on several occasions as chair of the Texas chapter of MLA, which is one of its ten regional chapters. He has contributed to the MLA newsletter and the Music Cataloging Bulletin.